Living Hope Outreach Grant

Living Hope Outreach Grant

What is the Outreach Grant?
Our Outreach Grant is a way to encourage member-initiated evangelism and outreach throughout our local community.  Through this grant, we provide financial resources to support our mission to proclaim Jesus Christ to everyone.

How it Works
Each year we set aside money into our Outreach Grant Fund designated to cover member-driven outreach ideas.  Any member of Living Hope can submit a proposal, requesting a grant of up to $250.  Community Group leaders can also apply for grants for group-related outreaches.

What Can I Do?
Here are some ideas for the Outreach Grant but you are not limited to these things:

  • Service-project supplies (wood, drywall, cement, etc.)
  • Evangelistic Bible study materials to host at your home or workplace
  • Gospel tracts
  • Food or water bottles to give-away at a local event

To apply for our Outreach Grant please submit an application APPLICATION TAB