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Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to the first post on our new Living Hope Church Blog! I’ve had a desire to start a blog for some time now, so it is personally thrilling to finally embark on this new endeavor. “But,” you may ask, “what’s the point of starting a blog?” Good question! In this initial post, I want to work briefly through the rationale for starting this blog.

Why Start a Blog?

There would seem to be countless websites, blogs, content providers with many more being added every day, so why start this blog? Let me give you two reasons:

I Am Eager to Serve You

I, along with the rest of your pastors, are passionate about Living Hope being encouraged and edified. My heart is full when I gather with all of you on Sunday mornings, but I have a desire to find ways to serve you beyond the sermon and the limited interactions I’m able to have on a Sunday morning. I’m starting this blog with the intent of serving you beyond the Sunday meeting.

I Want to Meet You Where You Are

When you’re out for a drive and stop at a red light, what do you see your fellow travelers doing as you wait? You’re likely to see a number of folks peering down at their phone. This is simply an expression of the reality that, for good or ill (probably a little of both), we spend a lot of time on our phones and engaging with social media.  My aim is to meet you in that space throughout the week. No texting and driving, please!

Who Is it For?

The primary audience for this blog is, of course, the dear folks of Living Hope Church, but I also intend for this to be a way for those who are exploring Living Hope to understand more about what makes us tick.

What Can I Expect?

I’m aiming for a number of things to happen here. You can expect posts that connect to the sermon, edifying quotes, testimonies, exploration of our theological distinctives, the values of our Gospel Culture, and much more! I’m looking forward to finding meaningful ways to encourage and strengthen your faith in and through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You will also have the opportunity to join the conversation in the comments below each post. Ultimately, my expectation is that God will be glorified and that he will bless Living Hope through this blog. You can follow the blog by using Feedly or another RSS reader. Ready? Here we go!

Join the Conversation!

What do you think about our new blog? Leave a comment below and join the conversation.


  1. Joanne Link

    Nice blog! Will there be other authors as well? Testimony of trials worked through, seasoned moms and wives’ contributions, biblical man-building snippets? I would love to have a reliable spot to go to for such things—except the man-building things, I’ll leave that to Mike. 😂

    The blog model could also be an extension of prophecy and building up the body, so it would be awesome to screen submissions and build an online community, with this as one of the tools.

    Thanks for serving!

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